The Delta Theater

The Choice is Yours!

Some people love recliners, Some prefer more Conventional Movie Theater Seats. 

With that in mind, The Delta is pleased to lead a mini revolution in the Theater Experience - giving YOU the choice on how to Experience your show with every showtime! Our auditoriums have been specifically designed and equipped with both Recliner Seats AND more Conventional Movie Theater Seats!

ALL seating was Newly Manufactured specifically for The Delta and is richly upholstered for your comfort! (Yes, that means NO cloth/fabric)

Premiere Recliners

Each Premiere Recliner is Fully Electric, and equipped with;

-Multi Layered Resilient Padding for Superior Comfort

-A dedicated swivel dining table to enjoy your refreshments in comfort

-Ergonomic toggle switch controls convenient, allowing whisper quiet motor recline motion

-An AntiMicrobial Finish for your Health and Safety

Duet Conventional Seats

Taking advantage of the unique architecture of The Delta, we introduce what we call the Duet; our Highback and Headrest Conventional Seat. They are individual seats with individual armrests and cupholders, and allow for an optional Love Seat experience with each Duet Pair. And each Duet of seats is independent of the next two, so you can always have at least one armrest little space from the seat next to you. 

Check out our Unique Duet Box Levels with just those two seats in the box, creating a somewhat private space for just you and yours to escape into the movie with a little privacy and less distraction!

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